Engaging an Executive Coach to create a high performing team . Jul 24

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Why is High Performance so elusive in many Executive teams given that the Enterprise benefits are significant on every measure....

Higher performance,energy and collaboration.better retention, succession and engagement , better results, more positive culture, more energy, stronger employment brand, lower absenteeism, lower recruitment costs.....

A brief assessment of how very little time Executive Groups allocate to this work is often revealing.More interestingly is the ability of many executive teams to have very large elephants as invisible team members . These elephants in the room are never mentioned by the group to the group. They can exist for months or even years hindering progress. In several revealing case studies as a team coach, I have been able to reveal the elephants by playing back to the team their indivdual assessments of how the team is performing , what is getting in the way and how we can perform and operate at a completely different level. The role of a team coach is to act as a powerful circuit breaker in the first phase of engagement through listening to individual perspectives and then sharing with the team as a whole  in a constructive way, their own assessment and a road map to a new level of performance .The team creates its own path through powerful facilitation by the coach.....and self regulates its own performance and new behaviors . It is a very powerful experience that cuts through to the heart of the issues quickly and focusses the energies of the team on how to create a more dynamic and high performing environment .

If you ask the executive team you lead or are a member of, how well are we are doing in terms of working together as a team ( max 10 points ) versus how well we need to be doing in terms of working together as a team ( max 10 points ) , the average range is 5.8 ( current ) through to 9 ( desired ) . It is the role of the team coach to help the team articulate why we are where we are and to guide the team into a world of no elephants in the room....just high performance , crystal clear vision, clear accountabilities, leadership that serves the team, ourstanding doing and thinking processes, high respect and trust and clear open communication. If you would like to explore further , do contact me ...and do take the test with your colleagues .



Phil Crenigan

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