About Executive Turning Point

Phil Crenigan, Principal and Founder of Executive Turning Point, is an executive coach that specialises in helping CEOs / MDs and senior executives, non-executive directors and other ‘high potentials’ navigate critical phases of their career.

Phil offers individually tailored programs across executive/CEO  leadership coaching, senior executive transition support and executive career management.

Phil's extensive international business experience and insight into executive leadership has seen him achieve considerable success with executives at a time when career transitions are accelerating and 'getting it right' has never been more important.

Phil is engaged by CEOs and HR directors of progressive companies that see executive coaching as an investment in both themselves and their people, providing support to key executives that:
  • Need assistance with a key aspect of their role, such as people management, decision making or influencing others.   
  • Have been ‘fast-tracked’ or recently appointed to CEO or senior executive level with substantial responsibilities, and need guidance and support in their new role to accelerate their impact and performance.
  • Wish to invest in high performance coaching in order to prepare for broader executive responsibility.
  • Have become disengaged with their current role or future career path within their company.
  • Require high quality personalised guidance and insight in transitioning out of their current role in a dignified way, either into the next stage of their career or into a rewarding and well-planned retirement or ‘portfolio’ career.
  • Wish to re-enter the executive work place but need support and guidance in their overall approach, in order to accelerate re-entry through absolute clarity of purpose.  
  • Are struggling with the many conflicting challenges they face in all aspects of their lives and who wish to achieve Executive Mastery and regain their sense of control.
If you would like to have a confidential discussion with Phil or simply learn more about his proven approach to executive coaching, contact him via email or on 0400 366 885.

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If you would like to have a confidential discussion with Phil or simply learn more about his proven approach to executive coaching, then contact Phil today using the form below.