"Every now and again in life you cross paths with someone who has a profound and everlasting impact upon your personal and/or professional life. Phil has been one such person and has positively impacted mine .After deciding on a career change following a change in my personal circumstances and international relocation ,I was lucky enough to be steered in Phil's direction and we soon began working together with Phil as my coach. It's not only the tips , tools and techniques Phil uses to help you navigate through the process and end up with a favourable outcome  ( well described by others recommending him ) but also the emotional energy he applies to the relationship and the thinking he does for you when your judgement is clouded because you are under pressure or stress. Most importantly, Phil helps you gain personal insight, clarity of direction and confidence to pursue a winning plan whilst leveraging his significant business and leadership experience and drawing upon the expertise of others within his broad network.

Phil's character is first class and I have zero hesitation in recommending Phil to other Executives who may be going through a career transition or require some assistance from an executive coach in their current role. I welcome enquiry from anyone wanting to find out more about Phil. 

Andrew Clark. General Manager Merchandise Food. Metcash. / former VP Sales Nestle 

 Phil was initially recommended to me by a member of my Board of Directors .I engaged Phil to assist me to be a better leader and CEO. This journey has "unlocked"  my potential and given me an improved level of self awareness. I have valued the personal journey I have been on with Phil.

I have also engaged Phil to assist me to turn my executive team into a truly High Performance Team. This process is ongoing but initial results include improved levels of trust, accountability, collaboration and ' mission focus'.

I highly recommend Phil to any leader who wants to push their limits and grow. But be warned, the journey that one travels with Phil is not for the feint of heart. It is a very personal and in depth process, which while confronting at times, does generate results.

Anthony Moorhouse . Founder and CEO , Dynamic

 "Originally I engaged Phil as an Executive Coach in late 2010 and together we initiated a fully active and transparent 360 with members of the Board and my key reports. Phil built a very clear picture of my strengths which were reinforced from multiple perspectives and clear oppotunities for me to make important changes and develop deeper relationships with key people. The process also generated for me a very strong sense of who I am and where I am at, with clear action orientated outcomes. Phil also positively impacted everyone he met during this process causing them each to rethink in a positive way how they could reflect on their own contribution and performance , and make a difference to the Executive team in how we lead the business. Phil continues to be a valuable and objective sounding board and Coach with his powerful  ability to listen, process information and ask the right questions."

Ian MorriceCEO of the Warehouse Group.

"As my executive coach, Phil Crenigan has a significant positive impact on my performance, outlook and attitude. Phil has an outstanding ability to help people identify and unlock their own talent and to realistically understand themselves, their emotional intelligence and key drivers. Phil provides creative, tailored and practical development strategies and appropriate well balanced counsel of the highest integrity . This has enabled me to further understand and improve my leadership strengths and to further develop an authentic leadership style.  Phil has inspired me to create a new "road map" of my own goals and aspirations and to have the confidence and self belief to pursue them. I continue to work with Phil in my new role and would fully recommend Phil to any Executives or Leaders who are looking to be the best they can be".

Andy BowerGlobal Sales Manager, Cassella Wines

"After meeting a number of Executive coaches I selected Phil to work with me due to his experience and approach. I needed to continue to develop skills to get me to the next stage of my career. Phil's coaching has enabled me to grow as a leader in ways I would never have imagined. Phil's style of questioning and understanding of people gets to the truth fast and his coaching helps you arrive in a new place. I have been managing businesses for twenty years and every day you learn something new. This journey with Phil has been the most transformational in my career. If you are looking to gain even more enjoyment and fulfillment from your life and work, I would highly recommend Phil Crenigan as a phenomenal executive coach".

Angela Lovegrove, CEO Asia Pacific, Quofore.

"As a recognised thought leader Phil has proven to be extremely insighful, visionary and challenging, always providing supportive guidance and direction. I have worked with Phil both as a client and prospective candidate  and have always found my engagement with him to be productive and valuable but most importantly, very enjoyable".

Toby Barbour, Partner.


"I would like to recommend my executive coach Phil Crenigan to the many people I know and value. I was at a critical career cross roads when I engaged Phil. I was increasingly unhappy at the way my career choices were developing and unsure how to make a step change. Phil has helped me gain an enormous amount of personal insight and clarity on my strengths and really helped me articulate my unique points of difference. Phil has coached me to plan out the next five year career path and has supported me through the highs and lows of interviewing, opened up purposeful networks and helped me develop a crystal clear criteria in my chosen career path which has been achieved. Phil is always available when I need his support or council  and he has made a huge and positive impact on my personal and professional life. I am absolutely convinced that if I did not have Phil guiding me through this processI would have made a wrong short term career decision. I continue to work with Phil in my new role and could not recommend him more highly to the Executive population I know".

Jo Moxey, General Manager, CCAmatil. 

"Phil doesn't do the thinking for people - he unlocks the best in people's thinking. He has not only made  me  face reality, but has encouraged me to  embrace it and approach every single thing I do, every person I meet, every situation that confronts me, with a spiritual perception. Quite simply, I like Phil and he will always be a part of my life."

Mervyn Badiali, Planning Director. 

"Phil Crenigan is a fantastic coach who takes a genuine and sincere interest in people. Phil's varied experience and expertise makes him someone whose counsel I actively seek".

Mark Blake, Sales Manager.


"I already knew that Philip was a straight no nonsense guy with great insights about people in his leadership style. What also engaged me about our discussions was his ability to ask the right open questions which helped me to reframe options and consider things from new angles. I would definitely recommend Philip's work in the areas of people assessment and  coaching". 

Paul Gribbell, Procurement Director. 

"I have worked with Phil to help me successfuly transition from a consulting environment to corporate life. Phil's insights and experience and have enabled me to focus on the skills and behaviours that will benefit the team and the organisation most. Phil's insights, engagement style and direct approach have helped me be true to my values and hold myself accountable for positive change. I feel Phil  has helped me accellerate my development which is critical to achieving results. Executive coaches are very personal choices and Phil is the right person for me. I continue to value working with him".

Alan Hui, Risk Advisory, MLC/ NAB.

"After many jobs and being generally dissatisfied with my career path, I sought out help from Phil. Just by talking to him and using the tools he provided, he transformed my thinking of where I want to be in the long term and helped me be optimistic and confident. I highly recommend him".

Dennis Ghetto, CFO.

"I have never met anyone with a more genuine interest in understanding what makes people tick and in helping them achieve their goals".

Nick Stabback, Marketing Director Bayer.

"Philip is someone who is truly well networked and believes in building lasting relationships. He has a track record of success and brings with him a wealth of experience in career and personal development". 

Toby Poulson, CFO.

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