Executive coaching 

Phil’s proven approach helps executives achieve a greater sense of control and enhanced performance, through new ways of working via the following programs:

  • Executive coaching, which unpacks issues, builds skill sets and provides guidance to individuals, executive groups and teams, helping them achieve measurable results and become more effective and confident leaders.
  • Role transition support, which helps ‘fast tracked’ or recent appointments with their new roles, or those moving out from where they are, to accelerate their rate of transition and minimise risks to themselves and their organisation.
  • Career management, through offering senior executives ongoing guidance and mentoring to help them successfully make the right choices in their careers and maximise their abilities. 

What are the benefits of working with Phil?

Phil’s distinctive approach involves helping executives develop deep personal insights through intense reflection supported by  detailed 360 degree reviews resulting in greater clarity and understanding. This allows them to positively challenge what they do, by understanding why they do it.

Such an approach has allowed Phil's clients to:

  • Achieve measurable results, through an ability to ‘join the dots’ quickly to identify problems, create solutions and improve performance
  • Become more effective and confidentthrough a holistic view that all parts in balance make for better leaders and more effective teams
  • Exceed expectations, through gaining clarity and self-awareness around their strengths and weaknesses, and a commitment to measurable change. 

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