Examples of Assignments

  • Working with a leading retail CEO with his board and direct reports on raising CEO performance to world class benchmarks. Structured 360 feedback sessions with eight inputs using stretch competencies.
  • Retained as executive coach to CFO in electronics industry to prepare his candidature for CEO.  
  • Retained as executive coach to newly appointed General Manager with ambitious change program.
  • Retained by leading Professional Services firm to transition/coach a senior manager into a lead role with a client. 
  • Retained by manufacturing executive as executive coach.
  • Retained by CEO of leading industry body to support members of the Board who are experiencing significant levels of stress impacting on engagement and performance. 
  • Retained as executive coach to experienced industry leader in mapping out a five year plan including the development of a Board portfolio. 
  • Retained as executive coach to CEO of an IT business who has aspirations to lead a global company. 
  • Retained by leading industrial as executive coach to Sales and Marketing Director. 
  • Retained by a leading pharmaceuticals business in the career transition of a senior executive following international restructure. 
  • Retained by leading bank to coach new senior appointee in transformational change role. 
  • Retained by FMCG sales vice president as executive coach in transition into general management role.
  • Retained by CFO of a publishing company in maximising the clients capability and leadership. 
  • Retained as consultant/advisor to X VENTURE corporate challenge, Australia's first ever nationally televised corporate team challenge filmed in Cairns in September 2011.
  • Retained as executive coach to CEO in private equity business. Retained as team coach to newly selected executive team to accelerate their journey to high performance.
  • Retained by leading Professional Services Company to coach a number of directors on their journey to partner.
  • Retained as Executive Coach/Mentor to newly appointed Global Sales Director in the wine industry. 
  • Retained as Executive Coach to CEO in the retail sector.
  • Retained as Executive Coach to Operations Director in the home entertainment industry.
  • Retained as Executive Coach to former CFO in the banking sector.
  • Retained as Executive Coach to enable career transition for  Strategy Director in the banking sector.
  • Retained as Executive Coach to several partners in leading professional services firm.
  • Retained as Executive Coach to support career transition to leading international banker.
  • Retained as Executive Coach to Senior Business Manager in the retail sector.       

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