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phil crenigan  
Welcome to Executive Turning Point.  

The last few weeks have been a fascinating journey for me . There is a lot to think through when one sets up a business and I would like to thank the  many people who have provided wise counsel feedback and advice.  Their  coaching has been both valuable  and inspirational ,  a reminder to us all  of the value of learning from other people’s experience and the power of feedback. I am currently working with executive’s in their 30 ‘s , 40 ‘ and 50 ‘s age groups and whilst the individuals and the issues they are addressing are unique , there are many common themes. The biggest recurring theme is the lack of personal time and investment they have devoted to their  own personal growth and development  . Life and business is traditionally lived forwards and understood backwards but transformational coaching is to both experience and understand in real time, thereby truly maximising one’s share of future opportunities. It became quite clear to me that Turning Points can occur at varying stages of ones life and often influenced by external events.  If one considers tomorrows leaders in their 30 ‘s and their lifetime career value, the payback both for the Organisation and the individual in investing in their development is significant in life time earnings, retention , succession planning and long term performance of the business . The  mid 40’s executive who is displaced through retrenchment experiences a  seismic impact in  every aspect of their lives . The executive who does not address a potentially career limiting skill gap runs the risk of becoming yesterday’s brand.  Participating  in the development of people to help them be the best that they can be is the very essence of Executive Turning Point and if you would like a confidential discussion about   you , your team or your Organisation, and some of the challenges you are facing, do contact me. 

Philip Crenigan 

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